About Me

Hi, I am Kaylea, I live in Nottingham and I absolutely LOVE food.

I don’t discriminate either, from a beige buffet, to a van of curious delight in the middle of a field at Glastonbury, to a fine dining restaurant with 25 different types of fork!

I avoid dairy as much as possible, and this can sometimes cause issues – have you ever tried to order a cheeseless pizza at 2am in the centre of Nottingham, it is no easy feat!

I love to cook, but until recently I lived alone and didn’t really get the chance to practice on anyone. Now I live with a lovely housemate called Eleanor so I use her as my guinea pig as often as possible.

I am also a keen traveller, and with a fair few new destinations for 2016, I am looking forward to tasting the delights each country has to offer, from Spain, to Romania, to Portugal and Thailand.

By day I am a Sales and Marketing Manager, and by night you will usually find me in the kitchen cooking something I have seen online, on TV or in a magazine, before catching up on Hollyoaks, Made in Chelsea or The Big Bang Theory.

I hope you enjoy the ramblings that will leap from my head and on to this blog.