Bottomless brunch at Revolucion De Cuba

Revolucion De Cuba on Market Street in Nottingham City Centre has had a bit of a refresh and have updated their bottomless brunch offering. Yesterday I was invited down to sample to new menu and try their new range of drinks.

Revolucion De Cuba Nottingham

I love Rev De Cuba. The building is beautiful and the atmosphere is always fun and vibrant. Put these two things together with a banging cocktail menu and delicious food and you have a recipe for a fab day or evening get together. The bar is as  ENORMOUS as the cocktail menu as you can see below!

Revolucion De Cuba Nottingham

There are lots of different options for the bottomless brunch. You get a choice of timings and can have one brunch dish and unlimited drinks within the 2 hour time slot. the only stipulation is that you finish your drink before ordering another. The price varies depending on the time slot you book, for example if you book the 11am or 11.30am slot the price is only £20. Noon, 12.30pm or 1pm is £25 and the 1.30pm or 2pm slot takes the price to £30. Personally I would prefer the earlier times anyway and its a bargain at this price.

We were seated by the lovely Katie, our waitress for the duration. Katie had a constant smile on her face and was absolutely delightful to chat to. She made us feel right at home and by the end I just wanted to hug her! Katie gave us a glass of Mimosa while we checked out the menu and took our initial drinks order. We went slightly off menu and opted to change the flavour of the daiquiri to a mango one for me and a raspberry one for Eleanor. Oh my god they were so pretty and tasted delicious. I don’t usually like daiquiris as they are usually like an alcoholic slushie and hurt my teeth, however these were perfect. I loved the decorative rose petals too. We were also presented with homemade tortilla chips and a selection of bruschetta too which was lovely although there was only one of each so we had to fight for them! One was salsa and proscuitto and the other was salsa and avo.

We tried a few of the dishes so I could give a really honest review, although only one dish is included within the offer. Here is my analysis of some of the dishes:

Avocado Toast

Avo Toast
The sourdough toast was topped with homemade guacamole, mango salsa and diced plum tomato, with a drizzle of olive oil and cracked black pepper.
This dish was the first I tried and it was really fresh and simple. The mango was lovely and juicy and the dish went together a lot better than I expected as I don’t usually like to mix sweet and savoury. However, I was still hungry after eating this so I am glad that we could try other dishes. If I had only had this, I think I would have left a little disappointed to be honest as it didn’t fill me up as I would have liked.

Cubano Benedict

Cubano Benedict
The toasted sourdough had a mustard spread and was topped with pulled pork, a poached egg, hollandaise sauce and sweet smoky paprika. It was incredible. The peppery mustard really complimented the sweet, smoky pulled pork and the hollandaise sauce was lemony and crisp and delicious. My only criticism was that I love a poached egg to be runny and ours were solid. This is easily rectified and I would definitely order this again.

Cuban Beans on Toast

Cuban beans on toast
The beans were served in a spicy tomato sauce with chorizo and smoked paprika, topped with a poached egg and served on top of sourdough. This egg was a little less solid, but still not as runny as I like. However the beans were spicy and smokey and very well cooked and the toast was not in the slightest soggy which is a bug bear of mine. Again a really good dish.

Chorizo Hash

Chorizo Hash
These were teeny tiny crispy patatas, chorizo and peppers, topped with a fried egg and spring onions and a Manchego cheese sauce on the side for Eleanor. This dish was a great size and probably the one that could have filled me up most. The patatas were really crispy and the pieces of chorizo were chunky so you could really get the flavour of them and the egg yolk was really lovely and runny!


We also tried the churros with two different dips. The churros were piping hot and lovely and crispy. The chocolate sauce was bloody delicious and rich, however I wasn’t keen on the rum caramel as it was a little too sharp for me. If you absolutely love rum though I am sure you will enjoy this!

The first drinks we had were the different flavours of daiquiri (which we went a little off menu for). They were delicious and my favourite of the brunch. I also tried the strawberry daiquiri but wasn’t a fan. Because it is one of the most popular cocktails and takes ages to make, it is pre-made in a slushie machine and was just flavoured ice. I have really sensitive teeth so although it tasted good, it just hurt. I wouldn’t order this one again.
I also had a Bloody Mary which was HUGE! The glass was about the size of my face and there was a good deal of vodka in it. It was really spicy too and the first sip nearly blew my head off! It was delicious though and I would definitely have this again too. Over the course of the two hours the drinks flowed really well. As soon as we were out of drinks, someone came over to take another drinks order. This also happened to other tables so it wasn’t just special treatment because I was reviewing. I have been to too many ‘bottomless’ brunches where the drinks take FOREVER to arrive and I am so glad that this wasn’t the case. We had 9 drinks each in the 2 hours (including the mimosa on arrival).

I would really recommend the bottomless brunch at Rev De Cuba. If the drinks flow as well as they did yesterday then it is really superb value for money. The only thing I would suggest is to order something other than the avo toast if you want the dish to be filling (although a lot of people do think eating is cheating on a boozy brunch so it depends what your stance on this is). Also I hope Katie looks after me again as she was one of the friendliest, loveliest waitresses I have met in Nottingham and is an absolute credit to Rec De Cuba. Thank you so much for inviting me and I look forward to coming again soon!

*My brunch was complimentary in return for a review. All opinions are my own, as always!

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