Inferno – Nottingham

I had no idea what to expect when Inferno launched to be honest. I had heard a few of my friends sing the praises of the new ‘super fast’ pizza restaurant, but I am extremely loyal to Pizza Express and didn’t give it a second thought for ages.

Honestly, as someone that adores Pizza Express with the love that some only reserve for their offspring, I didn’t expect to like it.

I  kind of assumed that it was the place to go after a few drinks in town to soak up the alcohol.

Well they say never assume – how wrong was I?


As you walk in it looks like a classy fast food joint (I know, massive oxymoron but its true) wooden tables, strip lighting, and writing on the walls.

Inferno is the first of its kind, but apparently has its sights on more East Midlands venues along with other major cities. Its easy to see why.

It’s a simple, highly effective concept. Either chose from around a half dozen tried and tested combos, or CRAFT YOUR OWN.

The main unique selling point of this place is the sheer amount of toppings you can choose from, along with the fact that it cooks in 180 seconds – perfect for a lunch break treat.


You stand in line and its basically like a subway for Pizza – great! Lunchtime obviously isn’t the quickest of times to go, as the world and his wife descend on the place, however from getting in line to taking the first bite of my freshly made pizza was still under 15 minutes.

Firstly decide if you want an inferno choice, or whether you want to craft your own. I went for the latter option.

Decide what sauce you want, from classic tomato, to BBQ, spicy inferno or ‘white sauce’. I didn’t ask what the white sauce was, and opted for classic tomato.

As I don’t eat cheese, you’ll forgive me for not paying massive attention to all on offer, however there is everything from cheddar, to parmesan, ricotta to gorgonzola, goats cheese and two, yes TWO different ways to have your mozerella. I guess some people like cheese!!

What really impressed me is that I didn’t have to say anything about my intolerance, as soon as the guys on the line knew I didn’t each cheese, everyone changed their gloves to ensure not a smidge of cheese touched my pizza. I usually have to shout at people to do this when their hands are a millimetre from my food.

Then its on to the veg station, great news if you are vegan as there is so much choice. From the standard sweetcorn, peppers and mushrooms, to the more unusual butternut squash, artichokes and chopped garlic.

When you’re fully loaded with veggies, move on to the meat. 11 meat options, eggs and 2 different fish. From piri piri chicken, ham, spicy beef, bbq pulled pork and anchovies there is something for everyone.

Then its on to seasoning – chilli flakes or black pepper anyone?

Then its put into their HUGE pizza oven for 3 minutes and comes out like this…!


I opted for a tomato base, with mushrooms and red and yellow peppers and topped it off with pepperoni, bacon and lashings of BBQ pulled pork. They didn’t even make me feel guilty when I asked for extra bacon!

Add any extras such as guacamole or basil pesto and walk away with a crispy delicious, perfectly cooked pizza. I have already been back twice more, and every time it was blooming great. £7.95 for an 11 inch pizza that you completely create yourself? You can’t go wrong!


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