Koh Thai Tapas – Bath

During our stay in Bath (read all about it here) Eleanor and I had a massive craving for Thai food. Koh Thai Tapas restaurant was footsteps from where we were staying and on our second night we ventured out to try it out. Located just metres from the city centre on Broad Street, it is a small fronted restaurant. However once inside it opens up into a huge dining area with a raised area at the back.

Koh Thai Tapas Bath

The restaurant is decorated as you would expect a Thai restaurant to be. Buddha has a large presence, and intricate wooden paneling separates parts of the restaurant. It is gorgeous and is a very romantic setting for a date.

inside Koh Thai Tapas Bath

We were seated at the back of the restaurant, and perused the menu while we each grabbed a beer.

Both starving, as usual we ordered way too much food, but still managed to gobble it all up!

After ordering drinks, we ordered a selection of Thai tapas and main dishes.

Thai Tapas Dishes

First out were our Thai fish cakes, 4 spongy cakes bursting with flavour and strong coriander. Mixed with the sweet chilli sauce they were amazing. Really authentic, they reminded me of wandering the street market in Chiang Mai and bought back such strong memories.

Up next was prawn toast. I wouldn’t usually order this at a Thai restaurant but as I said, I was starving. These were so fishy, absolutely covered with sesame seeds and totally delicious. They were dry rather than the greasy mess you can get with a takeaway back home.

Lastly from the tapas menu was the Thai spiced crispy beef. Although it looked a little strange it was one of the best dishes I ate over the weekend! It was so crispy and garlicky. The sauce had a heat to it but wasn’t too spicy thankfully, I have a feeling they may have given us the English version as I remember in Thailand the sauce that accompanied this dish nearly melted my taste buds!

Main dishes

red thai curry with duck Koh Thai Tapas Bath

For main we each ordered and then shared. My choice was the roast duck curry, with pineapple, tomatoes and grapes, within a medium spiced red curry sauce. It was delicious. The duck was moist and seemed to suck up all the flavour of the curry. It was served with sticky rice.

pork with cashew Koh Thai Tapas Bath

Eleanor chose the cashew stir fry with pork. I’m not usually a fan of either pork or cashew, but this dish was incredible. The crunchy cashews paired so well with the peppers and pork was delicious. I’m going to try to find the same dish in Nottingham!

We were so full we didn’t even look at the dessert menu, we just paid and headed back to the hotel! The food here was delicious and I would highly recommend that you go and try it out for yourself. Whether you are new to Thai food or have it experienced it elsewhere, I think you’ll love it.

Koh Thai Tapas is part of a small chain with restaurants located across the south. For a full list, see here

Check them out on TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.

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