Yolk Nottingham

(Invited) Yolk, the best part of an egg in my opinion, is also the name of a breakfast cafe located in Nottingham. Yolk is situated on the corner of Goose Gate and Brightmore street in Hockley and is run by the same people as Bar 31K next door. If you like 31K, you’ll love Yolk….

Delicious Dairy Free French Toast

(AD) French toast is something I hadn’t had for years and years. Ever since realising that dairy made me a bit unwell, I have steered clear of anything containing milk. That means no hot chocolate, no creamy soups, no milkshakes…. until finally oat and almond milk became a thing. Experimenting with plant based milks makes…

Mushrooms on toast

I have always wanted to eat mushrooms on toast, but as most recipes call for cream, I’ve never eaten them. Last weekend I really wanted mushrooms as part of my breakfast so I made this loaded toast with ingredients I always have to hand. It turned out even better than expected and made for a…

Cinnamon breakfast rolls

These vegan breakfast parties are delicious! I’m sick of eating the same thing so thought I would mix it up a little!

Gaucho – Birmingham

When I was invited to electro brunch at Gaucho, Birmingham, it promised a day of amazing food and drink. It didn’t disappoint. The venue is absolutely stunning, golden and sparkly and extremely classy. Tables both large and small scatter the restaurant, perfect for small groups and couples alike. It’s cosy without being small and the…