Delicious Dairy Free French Toast

(AD) French toast is something I hadn’t had for years and years. Ever since realising that dairy made me a bit unwell, I have steered clear of anything containing milk. That means no hot chocolate, no creamy soups, no milkshakes…. until finally oat and almond milk became a thing. Experimenting with plant based milks makes me really happy so when Gradz Bakery gifted me with some yeast free sourdough bread, I knew I wanted to learn how to make a dairy free french toast.

This dairy free french toast recipe is super simple to make (under 10 minutes!) and is perfect for lazy Saturdays and hungover Sundays!

Serves 4 people 2 pieces of toast

8 Slices of Gradz yeast free sourdough
2 eggs
100ml Almond milk
4tbsp sugar
1tbsp cinnamon
Melted dark chocolate

Beat the eggs and add in the almond milk
Soak the slices of bread one at a time in the mixture
Fry for 1 minute on each side until golden brown
Mix together the sugar and cinnamon
Sprinkle the sugar mix over the toast
Drizzle the melted dark chocolate over the toast
Scoff as if you haven’t eaten in weeks!

Thanks to the lovely people at Gradz Bakery for gifting the bread. They can be found at

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  1. iheartkatiecakes says:

    Oh yum, french toast has been getting me through lockdown. I’ve had it every weekend, I think I’ll try this one on Saturday morning 🙂

    Katie xoxo

    1. willflirtforfood says:

      Ha I love this!!

  2. ChelseaMamma says:

    One of my daughter’s friends is dairy free so will have to share with her

    1. willflirtforfood says:

      Thanks for sharing!

  3. Rebecca Smith says:

    I do love French toast but haven’t had it in SO long. This looks and sounds delicious and I love that it is dairy free too!

  4. Rhian Westbury says:

    That’s so good that you’ve been able to have dairy free french toast and still have your kick of them x

  5. michelle twin mum says:

    French toast si a real favourite of mine, I like it with cinnamon in the mix, I haven’t tried t wit chcoloate drizzled over before, that is a nice addition. Mich x

  6. I am a big fan of french toast, it just makes me happy. My Mom has issues with certain dairy, this is something she wouldn’t likely be afraid to try.


    Would you believe I’ve never had french toast before. I would really love to give this recipe a go. I think the kids would probably love it especially with the chocolate!!!! I’m sure they will scoff them as if they haven’t eaten in weeks lol x

    1. willflirtforfood says:

      Ooh it is so good! You could also make it with biscoff spread if you fancied! Hee hee xx

  8. I love french toast but never thought about making a dairy free alternative before, thank you for this x

    1. willflirtforfood says:

      You’re welcome! Thank you for reading xx

  9. I never have all the ingredients in the house when I see a lovely recipe I want to recreate! Reading this one, I have all but one and this is very exciting! I am definitely make these very soon.

    Thank you for sharing. The picture alone had me drooling x

    1. willflirtforfood says:

      Ah thank you so much! I hope you make it and I hope you love it! Xx

  10. misspond says:

    I’ll be sharing this one with my dairy free friend. He’s always looking for new things to try, especially at breakfast as so many recipes contain dairy.

    1. willflirtforfood says:

      Ah thanks! Hope he enjoys it!

  11. Nancy says:

    Oooh! I love that there are alternatives to making a delicious french toast, even without the dairy option! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

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