The Foodie Bag – Review

GIFTED – #TheFoodieBag – The foodie bag is the perfect present for your favourite food blogger. If you know someone that loves both food and photography, this bag is packed full of props for taking photos on the go. It is a great kit for really getting to grips with food photography. Whether you are an Instagram queen or writing a blog and need stunning pictures, this will certainly help.

The Foodie Bag bag is created by CottonBagCo, based down in Wiltshire. They design and manufacture a range of ethically sourced, environmentally friendly reusable bags. You may have seen their #TheSelfieBag doing the rounds on social media. Made in collaboration with phone photographer Matt Inwood and stylist Sophie Purser from Black Velvet Styling, this bag contains all you need to take great food photos absolutely anywhere.

What’s included: A huge, stylish black canvas bag with internal pocket, mesh divider and zip closure. 5 in 1 pop up reflector, 8 postcard set with handy tips, 4 photographic backdrops.

The Foodie Bag

The Foodie bag is big, I’m not going to lie. It wouldn’t be the size of bag I would choose to take out and about with me on a daily basis but it is big enough to fit everything I would need in if I was photographing out and about. It has a zip fastening, thick shoulder straps, a small zip pocket containing the postcard hints and a mesh divider to separate the two inner sections of the bag. The imagery on the bag is really lovely and definitely makes a statement.

Photography tip cards

This set of stunning postcards includes tips and tricks needed to create beautiful photographs. Created by Matt Inwood, these tips include lighting, editing and angle to ensure you are creating the most aesthetically pleasing images you can.


This bag contains a 15 inch reflector and diffuser to make the most of lighting and shadow. It features white, silver, gold and black panels as well as a diffuser. It is super lightweight and fits perfectly into the bag for travelling. They all zip into each other for ease of transport. I would have loved a little more info on how to use these properly to be honest. I was due to go on a 6 week photography course at a local college but it was cancelled due to lockdown. I think if I had been on the course then I would have a better understanding of how to use these! As it is, I have been playing around with them and definitely need to check out some videos.


This set of 4 stunning A2 sized backgrounds are created by Sophie from Black Velvet Styling. There is a marble effect one, this rusty effect, a gorgeous green one and a kind of plaster one. They are really high quality and come in a tube for protection. They are wipe clean too and I had no issues when I spilt a little sauce on them. These are on sale on Sophie’s website at £12 each and there is a 4 for 3 offer on at the moment. This alone makes the bag worth buying!


I think this bag is such a great idea for budding food photographers. The size of the background is perfect for phone photography, the hint and tip cards are fantastic if you are starting out and want to improve on your technique and the diffusers are small enough to transport easily and big enough to do their job. The bag is very large and you can easily fit your camera, props and other paraphernalia into it and still zip the bag closed. At £39.99 including p&p I think it is a worthwhile present and although over the budget I would usually spend on a friend, the value for money is really worth it. I would happily receive this gift, and I would gift it to friends.

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