The old flower shop – Mapperley

A couple of weeks ago my friend Mark and I headed to Mapperley Top for a bite to eat. I hadn’t noticed The Old Flower Shop before, and it turns out that it’s only been open a few months. 

A quick glance at the menu drew us in to this gorgeously decorated, modern contemporary space. Although narrow, it extends quite far back, and is light and airy. 

We weren’t massively hungry so decided to order a few light bites, and share. 

We opted for hummous with roasted garlic, pigs in blankets, tri-colour nachos and crispy calamari (always a favourite of mine)

The hummous was deliciously tart,  with lovely housemade flat bread. My only complaint was that I could have eaten lots more. 

The pigs in blankets just weren’t my thing. I like my bacon crispy and this was definitely not. It was kind of slimy if I’m honest. The sausage was full of flavour but the bacon let it down. I also wasn’t keen on the marrow gravy. 

The nachos were really tasty, the guacamole was creamy, acidic and rich. The salsa was really chunky and the jalapeƱo were large enough to avoid!

The calamari was the best part of the meal. Crisp and cooked perfectly, I really enjoyed it. The sweet chilli and lime tarter sauce was really appealing. 

The atmosphere was great and I’d definitely go back. Overall I really enjoyed the food, and the staff were so attentive. 

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