What to pack for Glastonbury

It is 3 days until Glastonbury 2019 kicks off and I have just finished packing my Glastonbury bag. What should you pack for Glastonbury?

This will be my third Glastonbury festival and so I wanted to write a list of everything I pack for my favourite festival, in the hope that other people don’t forget the necessities!

Glastonbury Sign

Glastonbury is the most magical place on earth, an assault on the senses and the best field to spend 5 days in. My birthday always falls on Glastonbury weekend, this year it is on Friday. I will be spending my birthday (hopefully) in the sun, listening to some of my favourite artists with a warm can of cider in my hand.

Glastonbury Festival

Great music, comedy and entertainment over 100+ stages, fantastic (if not the cheapest) food and thousands of new friends yet to meet, Glastonbury has it all.

Here is my ultimate guide on what to pack for Glastonbury.

What to pack for Glastonbury Festival:

1) A Tent – this is vital, do not leave it at home. Also, remember to take it back home with you!
2) Sleeping bag & Airbed – Don’t do what my friend Abi did one year and forget it, you will be cold at night!
3) A pillow – you need to be comfy.
4) Wellies (and wellie socks!) – It will get muddy. The first time I went to a festival I didn’t take them as I thought everyone was joking… they weren’t. I had to buy some at the festival for £20!
5) A jumper or hoodie – it gets really cold at night!
6) Eye mask and ear plugs – just because you want to sleep, doesn’t mean anyone else does!
7) Pants, socks, bra
8) Dresses/shorts/tops – DUH you need clothes
9) PJ’s – as warm as possible!
10) Warm tights – it gets cold at night!
11) Duct tape & bin bags – in case your tent get slashed or ripped, you will be able to do a temporary repair.
12) Baby wipes – lots of them! You probably wont shower for 5 days, these will be a lifesaver!
13) Make up & remover wipes
14) Glitter – lots of glitter, make sure it is biodegradable
15) Stuff for your hair – whether that is hair grips, head bands or hair ties, you will need it after not washing your hair for 5 days!
16) Tablets – Paracetamol/Rennie/Berocca/contraceptive pill etc – after a heavy night, that hangover will kick in.
17) Head torch – you will need to pee in the dark, and you will need both hands free!
18) Toilet Roll – don’t count on there being any in the long drop toilets
19) Suntan lotion and hat – if the sun comes out, you don’t want to burn.
20) ID, Cash and bank cards
21) Waterproof jacket – it is almost always going to rain at Glastonbury at some point, you want to be dry
22) Toothpaste & Toothbrush
23) Mobile phone & charging cable – Glastonbury is huge and you will lose your mates, you will need to be able to contact them
24) Portable charger, or two – so you can charge your phone and ensure you can take photos
25) Plastic carrier bag – for dirty washing
26) Alcohol & snacks – but don’t bring glass bottles as it will be confiscated! I always pack some breakfast bars too as I am constantly peckish.
27) Travel towel – if you are lucky enough to get a shower!
28) A small fleece blanket – to put between the airbed and your sleeping bag, it will keep you much warmer.
29) A bum bag  – no it isn’t sexy but it is so practical!
30) Your ticket – you would be amazed at how many people forget theirs!

This is my ultimate Glastonbury packing list. Have I forgotten anything? Are you going this year? If so, be safe, be sensible, and remember; LOVE THE FARM, LEAVE NO TRACE!


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