Carnaro Lounge – Derby

Needing to get away from my computer for a while, myself and a colleague nipped out for a quick bite to eat at the Carnero Lounge in Derby last week.  

I’ve walked past the place a few times, but haven’t stopped to peek at the menu as I have always been in a rush. 

The interior is really nice! Lots of cool signs and numerous pictures on the wall. The tables and chairs are all multicoloured and mismatched, but gave the place a charming feel. 

The menu is vast, and it took me a while to choose!

I went for the Lounge Flatbread. Tomato, Roquito chilli peppers, hummus,
toasted pumpkin seeds, tahini-spiced yoghurt, wild rocket, falafels and Moroccan-spiced chicken, on a lightly cooked flatbread. 

At only a tenner I didn’t expect the amount of chicken and falafel it came with! They really didn’t scrimp on the tipping. The chicken was really well spiced, the falafel was crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy inside and the salad was extremely fresh. The only criticism was the I would have loved more tomato and pepper. It was such good value for money and I would happily have it again. Although I think I need to work my way through the menu as the pulled pork panini, tapas dishes and the bang bang chicken noodles were calling me!

My colleague went for the steak frites. The 8oz, 28 day-aged Black Angus sirloin steak arrived with garlic butter, wild rocket & parmesan salad and fries. He described it as ‘simple, fantastic food’ and cleared his plate before I was halfway through mine!

The value for money was excellent, the staff friendly and smiley, and the food was so tasty. I just wish there was a lounge in Nottingham. Although I’d be in every week and it wouldn’t do my bank balance any good! I’ll definitely be back soon!

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