Fajitas – Recipe

I love fajitas, and wanted to share my version of this amazing dish. 

There’s four parts to this: the ingredients that go into making that actual meal, the spice mix I use to flavour the chicken, the guacamole I make and also the salsa. 

You can find the spice mix Here

You can find my guacamole recipe Here

You can find my salsa recipe here

This recipe makes 8 wraps

Ingredients – Wrap

4 chicken breasts

Fajita spice mix

6-8 peppers, sliced (I love a mix of colours)

2 onions, sliced

Tortilla wraps

Guacamole to serve

Salsa to serve

Rice, optional


Slice the peppers and onions length ways and fry in Oli on a medium heat until soft. 

Fry chicken breast until cooked. Add spice mix (I had to use two frying pans as I’ve lost my trusty huge wok) and fry for a few minutes. 
Heat wraps in the microwave according to instructions

Serve with guacamole and salsa

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