4550 miles from Delhi – Nottingham

I’ve been to 4550 miles from Delhi a few times and always found it really lovely. It’s usually the sort of place my friends and I go for a special occasion. The staff are really lovely and nothing ever seems like too much trouble. I’m always greeted like a regular, although I don’t frequent enough for them to remember me. It’s a really lovely, welcoming tough though. The atmosphere is always nice and relaxed and it’s not the sort of formal dining you get with some restaurants. If you sit around the side (away from the front window) they also have a theatre kitchen! I am still to watch food being cooked as I’m always seated at the window. 

It’s located on Maid Marion Way, at the intersection of Mount St. 

I went with my lovely friend Mark for a bit of a new year catch up. 

We opted for popadoms and the pickle tray as we perused the menu (who doesn’t? I have yet to meet a person that doesn’t like popadoms!)

Neither of us were particularly adventurous it has to be said! They have the usual dishes: vindaloo, tikka masala and jalfrezi, along with amazing sounding main courses such as Goan fish curry, lamb chettinand and chooza makhani. 

I opted for the chicken korma. It was delicious! I wish I had remembered to ask for it without the added drizzle of cream, but was fragrant without being overpoweringly sweet. 

Mark ordered the chicken tikka masala and really enjoyed his. 

We shared pilau rice which had a hint of cardamom and was delicious. The portion was huge and we shared it between the two of us. 

We also had a garlic naan each (no WAY was I sharing that!)

With a couple of drinks each (beer for me and pepsi for Mark) the total bill came to just under £20 each. Not bad considering the food was lovely and we left waddling as we were so full!

The only complaint was that it was really cold. The weather had been horrible and sitting by the huge glass windows wasn’t ideal. The air con was blowing hot air so we must have just been unlucky!

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    Careful! You’ve got lots of posts tagged as ‘Uncategorised’ (like this one, and I am assuming it’s unintentional as you have a good structure in place) – this is set by default when you write a new post. You can ‘Quick Edit’ in WPadmin and fix this and also you can choose a different default tag. It’s a ‘feature’ that has troubled me in the past!

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      Ah thank you! I’ve tried to update my older posts from when I first started and had no idea what to do . Thank you so much! X

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