Grab Thai Go – Thai cooking made easy – Recipe kit review

Grab Thai Go is a range of 8 meal kits and sauces designed to help you create authentic Thai dishes at home. Created by Preeya Choojan and produced in Thailand, these kits allow users to create fresh tasting, flavoursome dishes. Having visited Thailand a few years ago and fallen head over heels with the flavours and dishes, Thai cooking is something I enjoy both in and out of the home.

With restaurants closed due to the pandemic and the cost of eating takeout all the time, I needed something that would save me money but enable me to eat the food I wanted to. With Thai cooking there are so many different ingredients that go into making each dish, and sometimes it isn’t that easy to get your hand on each individual component. That’s where Grab Thai Go comes in.

If you follow the instructions to the letter, there is very little prep required with the kits. Even adding our own twist on some, each took under 20 minutes to make. Perfect for a busy work night.

I was gifted a couple of different kits/sauces and I enjoyed them so much I placed a bigger order to try other kits. This will give you an overview of both gifted and paid for products.

Tangy Pad Thai Noodle Kit – Gifted

Within the kit you get Pad Thai sauce, jasmine rice noodles and a ‘Thai essentials’ pack containing rice vinegar, roasted peanuts and chilli flakes. This was my favourite of the kits and as well as being gifted a kit, I have also purchased two more. I love pad thai and with this kit, your choice of meat (we went for steak) and garlic and eggs, you have a full and really delicious meal. I did add in some veggies (peppers, spring onion) and more crushed peanuts. Thai portions are generally smaller than what I would eat (yes I am a piggy) and so I didn’t want to be hungry. This kit was the most filling of all the kits and had the best flavour. It is a great base to add more ingredients to, and I would recommend experimenting with different veggies to find something you enjoy. This really did remind me of Pad Thai eaten on Khao San Road, although with a little more heat. It is a great balance of sweet, salty and sour and I would happily eat this again.

Turmeric yellow curry noodle kit – Paid for

I really liked the sound of this one, I would usually opt for a red thai curry due to the flavours but was excited to try this. On the whole I enjoyed it but I didn’t feel there was enough flavour. It was a very gentle curry and didn’t pack enough of a punch for Eleanor and I. I feel instead of adding water as the recipe states, we should have added coconut milk for a creamier flavour. I also wish I had added chilli flakes. Maybe my tastebuds are finally getting used to a bit of spice! We added charred courgette, red pepper and chicken to this.

Roasted sweet chilli stir fry sauce – Paid for

I love a stir fry sauce. It is quick, convenient and reduces waste. This sauce had a lovely fresh flavour with a little heat. It came with another ‘thai essentials’ pack of charred chilli, spring onion and garlic. There was enough sauce for 2 people with the chicken and veggies we added, although we only added the recommended 200g. If you were to add more, you would need two sauces to get a strong flavour. Again we added our own ingredients of sesame seeds and spring onions. This is fab for a super quick, tasty evening meal and I would have this again. I also have the sweet basil stir fry sauce in the cupboard and I am excited to try that soon.

Cashew nut stir fry sauce – Paid for

This was my favourite stir fry sauce of the lot. I fried some mushrooms and tofu in sesame oil, added noodles and leftover veg from the previous night and coated it all in the sauce. It was tangy and fresh and the sauce had a richer flavour than any of the others. I would happily eat this again and again with no added extras except the garlic that they recommend.

Environmentally friendly

Another good thing about these kits is that they are environmentally friendly. The trays and lids are reusable, plus the trays are biodegradable in just 6 weeks and are made from sugar cane, so you can put them on your compost heap. All other elements except the aluminium sachet (which they are fixing) can be recycled.

Giving back to Thailand

One thing I loved about Grab Thai Go was the fact that for every kit and sauce purchased, they donate 1 Thai Baht to the Education for Development Foundation. Their goal is to ‘improve education opportunities and the quality of life for less fortunate children and youths in remote areas of Thailand.‘ I think this is a lovely idea and I hope Grab Thai Go raises a lot of money to help children in Thailand.


I think these kits are fantastic for people that have no knowledge of Thai food and want to try something new. It gets people out of their comfort zone and sampling dishes they may not have done previously, within 20 minutes. I also think the meal kits especially are a great base to use for a dish, to then experiment and elevate with your own twist. For me, the Pad Thai was the best in terms of flavour and it was so easy to add more peanuts, spring onion etc to heighten the dish. If you are looking for something to make life easier, I recommend Grab Thai Go.

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