Tutti Rouge – The best your boobs can get? – Review

(Gifted) As a woman with a larger bust (I am a 32FF) it can be really difficult to find pretty lingerie that doesn’t cost the earth. For some reason, bras in a D+ cup seem to cost a lot more than smaller cup bras. I have no idea why, it isn’t as if there is a tonne of extra material used between a C cup and an E cup.

Thankfully I noticed a tweet from Tutti Rouge asking for people to try their range and give an honest review in exchange for product. As someone that has basically lived in sports bras for the last year due to lockdown, with very minimal nice lingerie (cost, comfort and general lack of enthusiasm on my part) this was a dream come true. I didn’t want to spend loads on bras but I wanted to feel as though I was wearing something lovely, not something I was about to do a non existent run in!

Now if you read my blog, you will know I write a tiny bit about my life, and a lot about food. So I was a little apprehensive about taking photos for this. I am not the most body confident person and rarely post full body photos of myself on my social media, but I really wanted to try Tutti Rouge so I gave myself a bloody good talking to and decided to suck it up (and in ha) and just have some fun. You know what, my talking to worked. I felt really confident messing around and taking photos. One thing doing this has taught me is to just embrace my curves and smile!

First impressions of the brand

From scared to serene in 8 seconds!

I absolutely love the fact that the Tutti Rouge models are a wide variety of body shapes. With this being a fuller bust company, they seem to understand that not everyone has a size 6 figure with gigantic knockers. Women of all ages, shapes, sizes and skin colours are represented and it feels like Tutti Rouge is a truly inclusive brand. Each style is usually photographed on two different models which really helped me understand how each item could potentially fit. Bodysuit sizes range from XS to 6LX. Bras range from 30-48 in a D-H cup. However there are a couple of styles in a 28J too.

The Packaging

My parcel arrived in a standard plastic mailing bag. When I opened the parcel, the garments were wrapped in a layer of protective tissue paper and packaged in a branded paper bag. I thought this was a nice touch.

The styles

I picked a handful of items to review including bodysuits, bras and bralettes. You can see individual reviews of all the products still in stock below. In preparation for ordering, I went and got my measurements taken at a well know bra measuring place. This was such a good idea as I was a slightly different size to what I had expected and it made for a much more smooth ordering process. It meant that the items arrived in the correct size first time around and I didn’t have to faff around sending items back due to incorrect fit.

I realised after ordering that I went for all black options! I didn’t take advantage of some of the gorgeous brighter coloured options available and I feel that this is a waste. There are options in red, purple, pink, blue, mint, yellow, orange… the list is seemingly endless. I will be placing another order soon to update the rest of my collection!


The Ashley Bralette

I ordered a few bralettes, purely because these are as close to the sports bras I have been living in for months and months. I love the comfortable fit of a sports bra, but after living in them for so long, I wanted something that would make me feel sexier and not as though I was failing at my fitness attempts. It certainly made me feel good. The detail on the bralettes is lovely, they are high quality and the fit is great. You can check out the full range of Tutti Rouge bralettes here and they have styles on offer from £6! I ordered the Eden Bralette, the Maya Bralette and the Ashley Bralette (now unavailable). They are all gorgeous. I would happily wear these as outerwear rather than nderwear. Teamed with a cute leather jacket or shacket I can see myself in a beer garden or in a bar wearing these.

My honest advice is that if you see something you love, buy it immediately. They sell out fast due to popularity. These bralettes have adjustable straps complete with a pretty gold heart on each. Rather than a boring plastic adjuster, it makes these look prettier and I think its a great addition. The Eden bralette is my favourite piece. It’s gorgeous. It fits PERFECTLY, sits beautifully and feels super sexy.


I ordered the Ruby bra, again unavailable now and the Roxy bra(lette). I absolutely love this bra. I ordered it in black and the lace is so pretty and delicate. I love that the lace encases some of the cup and runs up the strap. This is such a functional bra but has such a lovely feminine feel to it. This bra has adjustable straps to help with the fit and has a lovely gold heart as part of the adjustable strap. I also got the Alexa bra (again unavailable). I loved this but it is definitely more for the bedroom than the boardroom! Although incredibly sexy, the straps were a little itchy for me to wear for too long.


Alicia Body

Unfortunately the stunning bodysuit I ordered was out of stock and it seems it was so popular that every time it went back into stock it got snapped up again. I tried to go and buy it myself several times as I loved it so much but it wasn’t to be! It has since been discontinued but there are lots of lovely styles to choose from that I am confident that you (and I) will find something we love. You can check out the Tutti Rouge bodysuit range here. Some of the styles are currently on offer for £9.60!

Final Thoughts

The Tutti Rouge range is one of the best fuller bust ranges on the market. The price points are second to none, where else can you get a bralette specifically designed for larger busts for under a tenner? The quality is as good as, if not better than, some of the more expensive lingerie brands. The lingerie is both practical and fashionable. The detail is lovely and feels luxurious. The gold heart detail adds another uniqueness to the items. The size range is brilliant. The only downside, as I said earlier is that things do sell out quickly. If you love something you see online, buy it. Don’t end up regretting it. I still scour the website for the gorgeous body that I missed out on! Would I purchase from Tutti Rouge? ABSO-BLOODY-LUTELY!!!

  • Disclaimer: Tutti Rouge generously gifted these items for review.

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  1. Natalie says:

    Ooh I have never heard of this brand before. I am in desperate need of some new underwear!

  2. Kira says:

    I’ve got a few bits from tutti rouge and I love them . Super comfy and feel lovely on !

  3. Tutti Rouge looks like a great brand! I am planning to buy a few bras and bralette soon, will check out this website. That Ashley bralette is so gorgeous

    1. willflirtforfood says:

      Honestly the quality is incredible too. Especially for the price. Hope you find some lovely items x

  4. rhianwestbury says:

    Some lovely bits you picked out, the bralets especially. I have the opposite problem to you and have a large band size but quite small cups in comparison so I always struggle to find nice bras too x

  5. I will definitely be checking them out! I always struggle to find ones that fit that are also nice to look at too but Tutti Rouge seem to have got it perfect!

  6. It was great to read of products for larger boobs. Off to check out the website now! Thank you!

  7. I need to get some new bras, lockdown has been difficult on that front! Wonderful post, I will definitely checkout tutti rouge!

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