My favourite breads

I absolutely love bread. I could survive just on this one food without a doubt! From home baked to store bought, I really don’t mind. There are so many different types of bread that I could happily find a way to eat it three times a day forever more. I’m getting more into baking bread, although sourdough is a bit beyond my talents!

I thought I’d let you know my three favourite breads, why I love them so much and what I do with them!


I love sourdough bread. The tangy sourness mixed with a hard outer crust makes it perfect for topping as part of a weekend brunch. My toppings of choice are avocado, lime juice and roasted vine tomatoes, or mushrooms. You can find my mushroom on toast recipe here. You can top it with literally anything though. I’ve made toasted sandwiches with marmite and pickle (tastes better than it sounds, I promise), avocado, radish and coriander, or good old chocolate spread if I’m in the mood to be a child again!


Focaccia barese with cherry tomatoes and olives. Olive bread, white focaccia, dried tomatoes and olives

Focaccia is a great bread. There are so many variations you can get. I’ve made a delicious garlic and rosemary, a roasted red pepper, a sea salt and pepper, a sun dried tomato and olive and also just plain focaccia goodness. You can then dip them in your favourite oil/vinegar combo or slice them and stuff them as a sandwich. My favourite is the sun dried tomato one filled with chicken, lettuce and pistachio pesto.

Olive bread

Yet another staple bread in my diet, olive bread is possibly my favourite of them all. Big juicy olives, enveloped in cloud like, fluffy bread, will always be a winner for me. I fill mine with roast chicken slices, Romaine lettuce, bacon and paprika mayonnaise for a delicious lunch time treat. The olives keep the bread lovely and moist and the extra flavour makes the bread just that extra bit special.

I am learning (slowly) to bake bread both by hand and in my current bread maker. However I would like to upgrade at some point and this one by Panasonic should make deliciously crusty bread. You can also use the special settings to make jams, pizza dough and SO much more. Anyone want to buy it for me for my birthday this year? Its a big one…. 32!

What is your favourite bread? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Sarah says:

    I am a huge fan of bread, but admittedly I haven’t really experienced a lot of types of bread. This list made me realize that I am missing out on my bread experiences and I’m going to have to make an effort to eat something other than white or whole wheat bread if I am truly to call myself a bread lover.

    1. willflirtforfood says:

      You should definitely try more. Up until a few years ago I bought standard white sliced bread… maybe tiger bread if I was feeling adventurous haha. There’s so many ones to try you’ll definitely find some exciting ones! X

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