Say It With Champers – Personalised Champagne Review

(Gifted) Say It With Champers is a Suffolk based company, specialising in creating bespoke Champagne bottles perfect for any occasion. You can choose the Classic Brut, Rosé Champagne or Premium Champagne and completely personalise the gift. With the pandemic happening all around us and shops closed, it can be difficult to buy presents this year. I think something like this is a great idea as it is fun, personal and thoughtful. There are lots of personalised product companies around, and Champagne was something I had never thought to personalise until now.

Who are Say it with Champers?

Say it with Champers is owned by Didier Penine, who comes from at long line of French Champagne producers. The family are 7th generation growers, producing around 18,000 bottles per year. The Premium option is Didiers family champagne, which you can’t get anywhere else in the UK. ‘Say it with Champers’ are the only personalised Champagne company that has a family produced Champagne in their product offering, which is a great unique point.

When to buy a bespoke present?

Say it with Champers covers a wide range of occasions including but not limited to:

  • Valentines Day / GALentines Day / PALentines Day
  • Weddings & Proposals
  • Anniversary gifts
  • Retirement gifts
  • Hen and Stag Do gifts
  • Birthday gifts
  • Graduation gifts
  • Mothers Day gifts
  • Fathers Day gifts

My Experience

I was gifted a little bottle of Champagne to celebrate Valentines Day this year but as I am single, I decided to go down the route of GALentines Day instead. I used this opportunity to tell one of my best mates that I loved them and appreciate them. As we are in a pandemic I made it a little more tongue in cheek than I usually would, altering the text to read ‘socially Distant’ on the bottle neck. We aren’t allowed to meet up at the moment so this will be popped as soon as we are allowed to socialise again. I think
I will keep the bottle too as it is a lovely way to remember something good in 2021!

From start to finish the process was easy to do on a laptop. It is more difficult to do on a mobile so I highly recommend not using your phone. You can completely customise the text on the bottle neck, and also add 4 lines of text onto the main label. As you go through filling in the text, it will tell you how many characters you are allowed on each line. It will also allow you view a preview of the label so you can ensure everything fits properly. The website is really user friendly and you really can’t go wrong.

Postage is quick, from completing my order to the product arriving was 48 hours. This is perfect if you are like my dad, and forgetful! It came really well packaged in a sturdy cardboard box and thick bottle bubble wrap to ensure no breakages.

Why use Say it with Champers?

There are a few reasons you should choose to purchase from Say it with Champers for your special occasion:

  • Bespoke design to really personalise your present
  • Choice of two bottle sizes to suit all budgets
  • Choice of three Champagnes in larger bottles or mini Prosecco
  • Free 48 hour delivery, with 24 hour delivery as a paid for option, ensuring your order arrives quickly
  • Premium Champagne range exclusive to Say it with Champers – you won’t find it anywhere else
  • Vegan option if you purchase the Premium option at checkout
  • Discount for multiple purchases, perfect for large functions like weddings or corporate events.


Say it with Champers heightens the experience of receiving a bottle of prosecco or champagne. Its personalisation of the bottles is a really lovely idea and makes an already lovely present even more thoughtful. The fact you can choose from multiple size and liquid options is great as it opens it out as a present option to a wider audience. Would I use again? Yes certainly. It is my sisters wedding this year and I would happily pay to customise a bottle as a unique present.

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