East Restaurant Peterborough

East Restaurant in Peterborough serves food from around South East Asia. The restaurant is located on a 19th Century boat, giving a unique feel to the place. East Restaurant doesn’t focus on one type of cuisine, instead it brings together a fusion of South East Asian dishes and is prepared to the highest standard using the freshest ingredients. I have visited on a few occasions now and the food is always very high quality.

Having lived in Nottingham now for over 8 years, going back home to the Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire border kind of feels like going back in time. East Restaurant is one of the few places that makes me feel like I am still in a big, bustling city.

East Restaurant Peterborough Location

East Restaurant is located on the Upper Deck of Charters, at Town Bridge. It is easy to find and kind of feels like going on holiday. Yes eating on a boat is a novelty but it certainly hasn’t worn off for me yet! The postcode for the restaurant is PE1 1FP and if you are walking from the city centre, it is only a two minute walk. Walking directions: Walk up through the city centre (keeping Middleton Steakhouse on your left) cross over the pedestrian crossing, keep walking down Bridge street, cross over River Nene and then turn down the steps on your right hand side. You will see the boat in front of you.

East Restaurant Peterborough Menu

As previously mentioned, East Restaurant is a mix of South East Asian cuisines; Thai, Malaysian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. Dishes are served without rice or noodles, which are ordered separately. Don’t forget this!


There is an extensive wine and spirits list, along with a few bottled beers available. I have to say I would have loved to have seen a few more unusual beers on the menu, specifically Chang Beer from Thailand. Can’t beat a Chang with your Pad Thai in my opinion. However there are a few cask ales available too from local brewery Oakham Ales.

What to order at East Restaurant Peterborough

Having visited a few times now, I am just going to do a round up of my favourite dishes so far. Everything I have eaten here has been delightful but this is what I would recommend for a first timer.

Sun dried beef – Lunch menu option

Thai sun dried beef, cucumber and dip, East Restaurant Peterborough

I have never had anything like this before. With a texture similar to beef jerky, this was mildly chewy, salty and delicious. It works really well with a beer!

Mandarin Rolled Toast – £6.50

Rolled toast with duck and wasabi, East Restaurant Peterborough

Toast rolled around roast duck and served with a Mandarin sauce. This is heavenly. A different take on standard ‘prawn toast’ you would get at most Chinese restaurants, this is beautifully presented and more filling that you realise. It is rich, full of flavour and I could happily eat these every day without getting bored.

Spring Rolls – £5.20 or Lunch menu option

Spring rolls, East Restaurant Peterborough

Vermicelli,carrots and cabbage wrapped in paper pastry, deep-fried, served with a sweet chilli dip. Good spring rolls are a staple for me. These thin little parcels of golden pastry had a lovely burst of sweet flavour, complimented the mildly spicy sauce. Always a winner, reminding me of being at night markets in Thailand.

Indonesian Chicken Satay – £5.95

Chicken Satay Peanut on skewers, East Restaurant Peterborough

Chicken grilled on skewers, basted with warm Indonesian spices. The chicken was lovely and tender and the peanut sauce was sharp, creamy and deliciously moreish.

Tamarind Duck – £14.95

Tamarind Duck dish, East Restaurant Peterborough

Fried aromatic duck, served with a caramelised tamarind sauce with crispy shallots and chillies. Hands down my favourite ever dish from East Restaurant, and possibly my favourite Oriental dish of all time. Perfectly cooked duck with super crispy skin, sweet, succulent and fantastic value for money. The flavours dance on your tongue. Again I would order this every time I went, its too good to miss.

Shanghai Pork Belly – £12.95

Shanghai Pork Belly, East Restaurant Peterborough

Slow-cooked pork belly in rice wine and Chinese herbs, served with crunchy Chinese vegetables. Again a really good dish, and if you love pork belly like I do this should be a winner. Sweet and moreish, this is a great dish. However if you are stuck between this and the Tamarind Duck, go for the duck.

Pork Pad Prik Pao – Lunch menu option

Pork Pad Prik Pao, East Restaurant Peterborough

Tender slices of pork fried, with caramelised Thai roasted chili, onions and peppers. Another really delicious option, big chunks of pork and onion, smothered in a spicy, sweet sauce. Available on the 2 course lunch menu for £12.95

Spicy Singapore Noodles – Lunch menu option

Singapore noodles, East Restaurant Peterborough

Singapore’s famous vermicelli noodle dish, stir-fried with egg, chicken, bean sprouts, spices and chilli. Although this isn’t the prettiest dish, again it is full of flavour and carries a kick. Another great option on the 2 course lunch menu.


Honestly this is one of my favourite restaurants in Peterborough. The menu is stunning, with a huge variety of dishes. The standard of food has always been fantastic on each visit and the offers for dining in are really good. The lunch menu has a good selection of starts and mains and for £12.95 you really can’t go wrong. When times allow, they also do a Sunday buffet for £12.95. I haven’t visited but intend to as soon as covid restrictions lift. Also when reopen, o Tuesdays evenings you can choose 2 courses from the special £10 Tuesday set menu, again with a great range of dishes. There are a good range of vegetarian dishes and staff are able to point out vegan dishes on request.

Things to note

Although restaurants are currently closed under Government guidelines, East Restaurant is still offering takeaway and delivery. You can order directly with them for collection between 4pm – 9.30pm every day. They have delivery available through Just Eat and Deliveroo.

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