Seven – Derby

Last week, an old friend I’ve not seen for a couple of years, Hugh, took me for lunch at Seven Restaurant for a catch up. 

Seven is close to where we both work, so it was quick and convenient. By all accounts the food is ace too. 

It’s located on Roundhouse Road, Pride Park, in an unassuming building that from the road could be mistaken for a office block. It’s only when you get into the car park that you realise this is anything but.

We sat outside in the courtyard in the sun, and it’s lovely. It’s no smoking too, which is a big bonus. I struggled to take a picture of the menu as it was so sunny (first world problem right there!)

I ordered the Chicken Tikka flatbread, with shredded salad, onion bhaji, Riata and mango chutney for £8.95. This was absolutely delicious. Flavoursome chunks of chicken marinated in tikka with crisp onion bhajis really hit the spot. The salad was lovely and crisp and there was enough Riata and mango chutney to lift the flavour to a whole new level. Amazing lunch choice. 

I also had a side of sweet potato fries which arrived hot and crisp. 

Hugh went for the Sirloin steak which came with a side salad and chips. He said it was really tasty. 

I really, REALLY enjoyed lunch here, so much so that a few days later I came back for the Falafel flatbread. Again, it was so tasty. The falafel was really well seasoned, lemony and garlicky and soft. It came with hummus, salad, red pepper, tzatziki, harissa & pomegranate, along with a dip that tasted like paprika mayo and was GORGEOUS. The flatbreads are the perfect size for lunch, leaving me full, but not sleepy. This is one of the best places I have been for lunch in Derby, and want to go back and try each and every flatbread on the menu!

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