The Grosvenor, Mansfield Road Nottingham – Take 2

After having a really mediocre meal at The Grosvenor a couple of months ago, the manager of the pub found my blog post and invited me back to review the food. I went yesterday, and have to say it was a much more pleasant time than previous. 

I didn’t make them aware when I arrived, as I wanted to see how they usually did service. 

The menu has changed slightly and they had a sounding special – I should have gone for the burger! The cheese and potato pie wasn’t for me, but my mate assured me that this is actually a thing. 

My friend and I ordered the sharing house platter that came loaded with chicken strips, crispy breaded squid, nachos and boroughbridge pork sausages. Everything was piping hot, the portion was definitely enough for two, the squid was perfectly fried and the chicken was really tasty. The nachos had some sort of coating, maybe paprika, which was pleasing and the salsa was chunky and had a mild kick. 

For main I went for the Chicken Tikka Masala. The sauce was really flavourful however the chunks of chicken could have been bigger. I went for chips instead of rice, which were hot and crispy and lovely. It came with a tasty chunky mango chutney, two massive poppadoms and a naan. The naan was hard in places which wasn’t great but generally the main was really good. It’s a huge portion and after the starter I couldn’t finish it. 

My friend wanted the sirloin steak but they had run out so opted for the ribeye. She said it was cooked perfectly (she likes it rare) the peppercorn sauce was lovely and was really happy. 

We also went for the fried pickles but I forgot to take a picture until right at the end! They were amazing, the batter was delicious and I really enjoyed these. The only criticism was that there weren’t more!

Second time around I enjoyed this so much more. I would definitely be back again for starter, and would choose another main, probably the burger this time!

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