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If you read my blog, you’ll know that I adore Son of Steak in Trinity Square. So much so that a quote from a previous blog post is emblazoned on their huge glass window. They are typically a steak restaurant but they ‘do things differently’ and are ‘rebellious’.

Their points of difference in comparison to other steak restaurants are, in my opinion, their value for money, their on-tap mojitos and their simple no fuss menu.

I was invited to try out their new menu last night and left incredibly full and happy, as did the other 11 bloggers I dined with.

We were met by the organisers of the evening, along with Lauren, Michael and Richard from the restaurant. Mojitos arrived swiftly (they now offer flavours including strawberry, mango and passionfruit) along with bread and dipping sauces.

The sauces are the marinades for their brand new chicken dishes and it was great to taste them all. The sticky paprika and coconut & lime bumbu were amazingly flavourful. The coconut and lime was very Caribbean and the paprika reminded me of Mexican food. The bumbu Bali and fiery bumbu Bali nearly blew my head off, the were SPICY! If you like hot food definitely try them, however if you are a wimp like me, stick to the other milder ones!

They only use british and Irish beef and the flat iron steak was the first main dish presented to us. Served medium rare with a pinch of sea salt, this really hit the spot. Mouth-wateringly succulent it is one of my favourite steaks on the menu. The other was the Picanha cut which has disappeared 😢. In its place is now a rib eye which will definitely grab my dads attention! They use a Josper oven for the ribeye, lomito and sirloin steaks which produces a more smokey flavour to the steak.

Then along came a whole host of side dishes including:

Hand cut chips. A little too oily for my taste but pleasant.

Raw salad with a ginger dressing. The perfect accompaniment to their steaks in my opinion.

Roasted vegetables. Yummy, not oily or greasy, perfect. A mix of onion, peppers and courgette.

Crushed sweet potato with pecans. I absolutely loved this dish, I’ve never had pecans with sweet potato before but will be attempting to recreate this at home. The earthy nutty pecans complimented the sweet creamy potato perfectly.

Halloumi and mac ‘n’ cheese. Obviously I didn’t try these but everyone else absolutely loved them, so they are definitely doing something right!

Chicken wings. Super messy to eat but the Son Of Steak sauce is to die for. I dipped the chips in the remaining sauce and it was delicious. I didn’t notice hand wipes on the table and these would have been a good idea as the chicken wings got all over my face and hands!

Caesar salad – I forgot to take a pic! Again a great accompaniment to the steak and perfect in the summer.

We then chose between a beef, chicken and veggie burger as our main (I know, so much food!). I opted for the veggie burger, and then topped it with a little bacon! The burger was made from chickpeas, red pepper and butternut squash and was hot and crispy. It was also huge! The streaky bacon could have been a little crispier as the fat was still chewy and I prefer bacon when you can snap it in half. However it was a really lovely burger and I would definitely choose this again. It also came with lettuce, tomato and sliced pickle.

The burger menu has changed beyond recognition and is vast and interchangeable. You can add double meat and even swap one meat for another. For example, you can order the chicken burger and for £2 more you can add a prime steak burger to it! There are multiple topping options including mushroom and emmental cheese or steak, onion loaf and truffle mayo!

Also chicken is a new addition to the menu and comes in boneless breast, quarter, half and whole. The sauces are the ones detailed above and I urge you to try out the smoked paprika! It was divine.

Once we were completely full of food, the lovely people at Son of Steak thought it a good idea to present dessert. Oh my gosh I was so full it was a little uncomfortable, however the desserts couldn’t not be sampled could they?

Vanilla cheesecake and chocolate brownie were bought out and they were delicious. I couldn’t eat much of either as they contained dairy, however the small piece I had of each was delicious. The brownie was soft and squidgy and the cheesecake was sweet and covered in a salted caramel sauce. If I wasn’t lactose intolerant I would have hoovered these up very quickly!

The Son of Steak menu is much more varied now for people that aren’t steak fans. Son of Strak have listened to customer feedback and the choice is definitely better than before. I know… why on earth would you go to a steak restaurant if you don’t like steak? But think of birthdays and big groups. You may end up here because someone else wants to go! So you can now have tasty chicken, or if you are a veggie they do a lovely burger! Nothing definite for vegans yet but watch this space! Also, the service just keeps getting better and better. They are well into their groove now, producing fantastic food with a definite smile. Can’t wait to go back for more.

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*I was offered a complimentary meal in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much to Son of Steak for allowing me to try out your new menu. I will be back for more soon!

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