Yamas – Nottingham

It was my lovely friend Chloe’s birthday last week, and so we dropped in to one of my favourite restaurants, Yamas Meze & Tapas for dinner.

Yamas is located in Hockley on Thurland Street, serving gorgeous, freshly prepared Greek meze dishes and fantastic customer service. It’s an intimate, dark restaurant with a small downstairs and a slightly larger second floor,

We were starving and greedy and so opted for the massive ‘Special Meze’ at £21.45 per person (usually a minimum of 4 people but we arrived early and the lovely staff allowed us to have this for two person)

The menu consists of:

Tzatziki [GF] The classic Greek dip. Yoghurt, cucumber, garlic and mint
Houmous [GF] [V] A chick pea dip blended with garlic and lemon

Tirokafteri A spicy cheese dip made from feta cheese and chili

Olives [G]

Psari Skorda White fish, Kalamari and prawns with garlic and lemon

Risotto de Mere [GF] Risotto with crab and prawns

Chorizo en Sidra [GF] A classic dish, the balance of meaty chorizo and tangy cider is wonderful

Kritharaki – Rice pasta with beef mince and tomatoes, topped with melted cheese

Loukanika [GF] Grilled Greek pork sausage

Chicken Souvlaki Marinated pieces of meat grilled on BBQ

Pork Souvlaki Marinated pieces of meat grilled on BBQ

Halloumi & Lounza [GF] Grilled halloumi with smoked pork loin

Arroz Limón [GF] [V] Lemon rice

Greek Salad [GF] Mixed leaf, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, feta and olives

Spanakopitta Spinach and Feta, wrapped in filo pastry

PLUS… we ordered falafel! As if the above wasn’t enough!

The food at Yamas is delicious, authentic and great value for money! What really makes this place really special though, is the fantastic service. No matter how quiet or busy Yamas is, everyone genuinely smiles and makes a fuss. We were offered a shot of sambuca as a birthday treat for Chloe, which was lovely! I can’t praise Yamas enough for the fantastic time we had… although the stairs were hard to manage after all that food haha

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