Inferno – Nottingham (part two) 

Already the best place to grab a pizza in 180 seconds, Inferno launched their ‘craft your own salad’ this week. Perfect for this warm weather, so I headed down today to try it out. (Check out my review of their pizzas here 😍)

Whenever I go to a restaurant or cafe for a salad, I am always saying ‘I’d like this one, but can you remove X and Y and replace with Z please?’. I am hard to please salad wise and so this is a fab way for me to get everything I like in one place, with minimal effort!

It wasn’t busy at 4pm when I popped in, but thankfully the ingredients looked (and tasted) fresh!

Unlike a subway salad, Inferno wasn’t 90% lettuce before we even started. I was given the choice of baby leaf, romanie and rocket (went for all 3) and then skipped the cheese (lactose intolerant) and went straight on to the veggies.

There’s so much choice! I just asked for whatever I fancied (sweetcorn, roasted peppers, olives, butternut squash, sweet corn, red onion, courgette) and they piled it on!

Then onto the meat. I opted for piri piri chicken, chorizo and pepperoni. There’s 11 different meats though and I could have had a bit of each.

The only slight let down is the choice of dressings; French, honey & mustard, Caesar and balsamic. I opted for the French but wish there had been an olive oil balsamic or a sweet onion one.

For under £5 for a small, it’s well worth the money. I finished the whole lot and it filled me up.

The only sad thing was that I didn’t think to grab a pizza for tonight’s tea as their pizzas are incredible! This amazing creation was being prepped at the same time as my salad. I need another Inferno pizza soon!

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