Bunkers Hill – Nottingham

I was invited to try out Bunkers Hill burger menu for #NationalBurgerDay a couple of weeks ago. However they had sold out before I got there! Gutted. So I decided to try their usual menus instead.

When I think of Bunkers Hill, I think of the place my friends as I go to have a quick drink before a gig at the arena. I don’t associate it with food, but after visiting the place I have definitely changed my mind. The last time I ventured into the pub it was looking a little dated and drab. However they have totally redone the place and it looks fantastic!

Situated right by the arena at 36-38 Hockley, it’s a huge building with a deceptive outside. In reality the inside is much cosier than it seems from out front.

Decorated beautifully with plenty of light and a fantastically stocked bar it was a really nice environment to eat in. Thankfully we had missed the lunchtime rush and all was quiet, however the vibe in the bar was relaxed and fun.

After grabbing a couple of drinks we sat at one of the high tables by the window to peruse the menu. It’s got a bit of everything; a couple of burgers, fish and chips, lamb tacos and mac and cheese for the veggies.

To start I ordered the whitebait with harissa aioli. I love whitebait and this was beautifully cooked. The fish were crisp and extremely fishy with a light breadcrumb crust. The harissa gave it a nice kick but not too hot to enjoy.

My friend Martha ordered the mac & cheese bombs. She had eaten one before I could take a pic! Hot and extremely cheesy was how they were described between bites. They sure looked golden brown and if I wasn’t lactose intolerant I’d have jumped right in and stolen one!

For main I went for the buttermilk fried chicken, with coleslaw, pickles and mayo. I had the honey and hot sauce on the side with a portion of fries, just in case it was hot. It wasn’t. It was bloody delicious! Slightly spicy with a lovely sweet taste, it was perfect with the rest of the meal. The chicken was hot and crisp, the coleslaw was seasoned with a little pepper and the whole thing was a delight. It was HUGE and probably not ideal for a lunch time bite but it was absolutely delicious. I couldn’t finish it which is rare for me.

Martha went for the honey roast ham which came with egg, chips and salad. Again it was huge. This wasn’t a little bit of ham, it was a blooming great chunk of gammon. She wolfed it down really quickly and said it was lovely.

Nicky the bartender was really attentive. I know we were invited down to eat and ultimately to review, but I get the feeling that the interest to chat to us was completely genuine. We chatted holidays, Gin and the venue itself and he seemed genuinely interested to stop and have a conversation. I’m sure it will be different if I pop into the busy bar on an arena event night, but when it’s a little quieter I can imagine that it’s the same service anyone else would get. The food was great, brilliant value for the standard of food, and the venue is gorgeous. I’m looking forward to returning for their OMG&T offer; 2 double gins and tonic for £9! Valid Monday to Friday 4pm – 7pm.

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