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I haven’t been so excited to write a review in quite a while!
Last night I was invited to dine at Cuzina in West Bridgford for the first time. The Greek restaurant, situated on Radcliffe Road, just up from the McDonalds, is a firm favourite for some of my friends. Why I haven’t yet visited is beyond me. I think I stick too close to town usually but if this is the standard of food in West Bridgford, I will be sure to visit more often!

First Impressions

As you approach the restaurant, the courtyard is filled with tables so that on a summers day you can dine al fresco. Last night was a little cooler than today so there were no guests taking advantage of the outside dining area. I am sure today was a different matter.
As you enter, there is a large bar on the left hand side with a lot of options, and some beautiful men serving. I would recommend going just for the eye candy!
The restaurant itself extends further back, decorated neutrally in creams with cute quotes in the alcoves and a touch of green pot plants bringing the outside inside.

We arrived at 7pm and already most tables were taken… yet again this left me wondering why I hadn’t been to such an obviously loved restaurant. The vibe was relaxed and warm, with laughter and both groups of friends and couples enjoying the start to their weekend.

Cuzina Cocktails


There is everything on the menu, from beer to spirits to cocktails and mocktails. While Aimee went for a Gin & Tonic, I pushed the boat out with one of Cuzina’s signature cocktails; the Rose island. Tequila, rose liqueur, rose cordial, lime wedges and topped with rose petals make for a fantastically summery cocktail. Unfortunately I was driving so I couldn’t sample more of the menu but some of them sounded amazing… A taste of Greece anyone?

The Menu

Typical of Greek food, Meze is the epitome of Greek entertaining, a selection of small tasting plates. Meze literally translates as a ‘taste’ or ‘bite’. The menu is split by type; nibbles, salads, meat, fish and so on and everything sounded delicious. we even discussed with the table next to us what they had ordered as we had food envy even before we had placed our order.

Bread and Dips

Dips & Nibbles

The first thing our eyes were drawn to on the menu was the mixed dips platter, four dips perfect for sharing, served
with warm char-grilled pitta bread. The dips were houmous (chickpeas), pantzarosalata (a beetroot dip), tzatziki (Greek yoghurt & mint) and tirokafteri (a cheese, pepper and chilli pepper dip). Everything was lovely, althoguh I avoided the tirokafteri due to the cheese content. The pitta was coated in a salty, herby seasoning that was delicious and complimented the tartness of the beetroot dip and the sweetness of the houmous.


I ordered the dakos salad, a variation of the classic Italian bruschetta, with olives. Usually it comes with feta but I declined that. It was delicious. The tomato and basil mixture on crunchy bread was exactly what I needed to start. It was light and delicate, giving me a taste of what was to come.

Aimee ordered the fig and mozzarella salad, a huge bowl also filled with cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and caramelised balsamic vinegar. She finished the huge bowl and said it was delicious.

Fish dishes

We opted for the pan fried sea bass on a bed of seafood sauce, capers and spinach and also the octopus with fava. Oh my goodness both dishes were absolutely incredible. Sea bass is my all time favourite fishy dish and this was beautifully cooked. The saltiness of the capers complimented the sweetness of the sauce, and the fish fell apart as soon as the fork went anywhere near it. The octopus was my stand out dish of the evening. It came with a fava yellow split pea puree that was bright yellow and so tasty. I don’t think I have ever had octopus that I didn’t need to chew. Honestly there was no need for teeth while eating this, it was buttery and so tender. Definitely order this if you go to Cuzina.

Meat Dishes

We ordered the sesame sweet chilli chicken and the lamb kleftiko. The chicken was crisp on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. It has an Asian vibe to it and was obviously a popular dish as the tables around us had also ordered it. Definitely a winner. The lamb kleftiko was absolutely huge and arrived just as we had finished everything else and announced we were full! The meat just fell off the bone and was incredibly well seasoned. The flavours of the meat were amazing and it is yet another dish (like all the rest) that I want to enjoy again.

Cuzina Dessert


There are five to choose from, from ice cream to traditional Greek doughnuts. We we so stuffed but a little boy behind us had decided to order the Kormos; a chocolate and biscuit cake with vanilla ice cream. It looked so good and the look of pure joy that crossed his face when it was presented to him made us order it too. It was divine. The crunchy chocolate biscuit cake was my favourite part of it, along with the homemade caramel decoration. Although it was a huge portion, between the two of us we hoovered it up. Simply delicious.

Overall, the food was phenomenal, the service was second to none and the relaxed atmosphere showed that this truly is a firm favourite with locals. We left feeling incredibly full but in a light, pleasant way rather than an awfully uncomfortable way. I would definitely recommend Cuzina, whether you are looking for a romantic meal for two of a night out with friends, you should definitely check out Cuzina.

*I was invited to review Cuzina and my meal was complimentary. All my thoughts are my own and I would genuinely recommend you get booked in and enjoy Greek food, the RIGHT way.

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