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I absolutely adore sushi but was getting a little bored of the same delivery options in Nottingham. Then along came Uramaki Nottingham. They asked if I wanted to sample one of their sushi boxes and of course I did!

Uramaki is a luxury sushi delivery company based in Nottingham and run by Award winning Chefs Paul Thacker & Jaturavit Saysena, best friends since opening Chino Latino in Nottingham in 2003. Pauls wife Rachel is also part of the team. You may know Paul from the amazing Pan Asian Nakama pop up that ran in various locations in 2018 and for previously working as Executive chef at Chino Latino, Restaurant Six, The Cat and wickets pub company. Jaturavit is one of the UK’s best sushi chefs and has worked all over the world, including at Chino Latino where the pair first met.

Both Paul and Jaturavit have years of experience in sushi making and wanted to offer a luxury restaurant quality product that people could enjoy at home. They wanted to replicate a luxury box of chocolate but with sushi. They have certainly done this. In future, instead of giving me boxes of chocolate, please furnish me with sushi cases!

Photo Credit: Uramaki Nottingham Instagram

Launched at the end of last summer, Uramaki is going from strength to strength with more and more boxes being delivered each week, just take a look at their instagram!

Uramaki source their ingredients from the Japanese Food Centre in London and use local veg company The Fruit Basket and local fish supplier FishRich for their fresh ingredients.

There are a selection of 8 boxes to choose from including a traditional sushi box containing raw fish, a ‘non raw fish’ sushi box and a vegan sushi box. There are two sizes to choose from, an A5 sized box containing 24 pieces at £35 and A4 cases containing 36 pieces at £55.

Sushi is synonymous with fresh raw fish, but Paul & Jaturavit wanted everyone to experience the pleasure of sushi, whether you ate meat or not. As Paul says ‘ There is a huge demand for vegan products and we want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to try our sushi’.

For this review, we opted to try the ‘mixed sushi case’. So what did we think? Is it worth the money?

First Impressions

Paul hand delivered the sushi case to us one Friday evening just in time for our tummies to rumble. The presentation is beautiful, unlike any sushi I have ever had delivered. The sleek black cases really elevate the experience. The website states ‘We believe that luxury need not to be compromised and have therefore made ethical packaging choices.’. The packaging is fantastic quality, sturdy and just beautiful.

I think we both gasped a little when we opened the box. The sushi is gorgeous, really eye catching and incredibly fresh. It is presented beautifully. I will be honest, we didn’t even bother with plates. We were so excited that we ate it straight from the box. Little ramekins held our soy, wasabi and ginger.

The Sushi Case Contents

Yellowfin Tuna Uramaki with spicy miso and togarashi – Uramaki literally means ‘inside out’ and is a sushi roll where the rice is on the outside of the roll rather than wrapped in nori. This was definitely spicy! The tuna was incredibly fresh, the spicy miso has a lovely tang to it and the liberal springling of togarashi quite honestly burnt my poor little pathetic tastebuds off. We LOVED IT!

Crispy soft shell crab California roll with avocado and masago. As soon as I popped this into my mouth it reminded me of seaside trips. The taste of the crab took me back to my trip to Whitby. It was delicious, although I didn’t actually spot any masago!

Yellowfin Tuna Nigiri – This classic sushi dish was fresh with a lovely amount of tuna. Delicious with a dab of soy sauce.

Shiitake mushroom Uramaki with caramelised red onion and sweet potato – I want the recipe of this to replicate at home! It was phenomenal and actually both mine and Eleanors favourite of an incredible case. It reminded us of BBQ, a super sweet, tangy explosion of flavour. We would have eaten 100 pieces of this alone. As a vegetarian piece this blew our minds.

Crispy duck Futomaki with cucumber, red chilli, spring onion and Hoi sin – Again we loved this. The duck was crispy and delicious, adding another texture to the dish. The cucumber was super fresh, not warm and wilted like som of the sushi restaurants. The tart hoi sin complimented the dish perfectly.

Salt cured Salmon Temari with masago and lime – This again was really fresh and there was a strong lime flavour. It reminded me of summers in the garden, cocktails in hand. The salmon was as soft as butter.

My thoughts

Honestly? Would I use Uramaki Nottingham again? The answer is a huge YES. The contents of the sushi case were sublime. I thought the flavours were fantastic, the presentation was beautiful and I was truly blown away by it. As I said above the Shiitake mushroom uramaki was our favourite, but to be honest any one of the pieces could have won ‘best in show’. The price point for the case, in my opinion, is well below what I would be prepared to pay. However this price ensures that it won’t be a one off treat for me, it will be something I purchase again and again. £55 for 36 pieces is incredible value.

We are going to try the plant based case soon as we want to try some more of the vegan options. This one really caught our eye; Spiced kimchi Uramaki with avocado, yuzu and jalapeno.

In summary, order the sushi! They get booked up quickly and do have to occasionally turn people away so book early to avoid disappointment! Delivery available Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Check out the delivery info for Uramaki here

*I was very kindly gifted the 36 piece sushi case for review. I adore sushi and in my opinion you won’t find better sushi delivered in Nottingham and surrounding areas.

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