Kaspas – Nottingham

Kaspa’s are a chain of exciting new dessert houses that offer the world’s favourite hot and cold desserts under one roof… That’s what their website states so I wanted to see if it was true.

Situated on Maid Marian Way stands the bright pink eye catching american style diner. I have driven and walked past loads, but haven’t been in. After dinner last night, when nothing took my fancy on the dessert menu, my friend and I popped in.

Immediately assaulted by the smell of sugar, I wondered if this was to become my most favourite place on earth.

We were seated by a guy that could have been the 4th member of the band N-Dubz. He was sweet with an extreme swagger usually only found on Dappy. It did cheer me up!

The menu is VAST. HUGE. ENORMOUS. I was spoilt for choice. Everything from crepes to waffles, cakes to ice cream and even smoothies and milkshakes were on offer. It was ridiculous. I could see my friend was getting impatient as I hovered over the menu trying to decide. Well I didn’t want to order something and then wish I had ordered something else. I made up my mind about 5 times before heading to the counter, where I then changed it twice again!

The ice cream counter was my idea of paradise. The guy let me try so many flavours. The pistachio was amazing and reminded me of lovely holidays with my parents. The mango sorbet was a lovely palete cleanser and the bubblegum was incredible.

I had originally opted for the bubblegum sundae but changed my mind to the peanut butter cake with peanut butter ice cream. WOW. This was insane. Layers of chocolatey, peanut buttery goodness with crushed peanuts and chocolate sauce to decorate. It was so rich. I ate about 3/4 of it and then had to stop or I was going to pop. (Look how happy my face is 😂)

My friend went for the hot fudge sundae topped with whipped cream and wafers. A delightful combination of warm Fudge pieces, Chocolate, fresh Vanilla Ice cream, and Belgian Chocolate sauce. I have never seen someone eat a sundae so fast! It was even in his beard! I don’t think it touched the sides, and was heavily complimented.

We were both incredibly impressed with this place and have vowed to go back to try more of the menu. They have a birthday treat offer too. If you take in some ID with your date of birth on, you get a free regular shake… How lovely is that???

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