Revolution Hockley – Nottingham

I was invited by the lovely people at Revolution Hockley to try out the new menu available this week. Revolution is situated at 7 Broad St, Nottingham, NG1 3AJ, next door to Rough Trade and opposite the Broadway. 

Revolution is a chain of individually styled bars across the country. At the last count they have 55 bars, with two in Nottingham alone.

I know the Revolution brand for the many, many varieties of vodka available at the large bar and as a place to have a few cocktails at the start of a night out. What I haven’t associated it with is food, and haven’t eaten here before now. I was in two minds about going during my work lunch break. I have an hour lunch, its a bit of a walk from my office and if it was pants I wasn’t going to have time to grab something before heading back to work. My perception of what Revolution could offer me in terms of lunch was completely different to what they actually did – spoiler alter; I bloody loved it!

We sat by the window, ordered drinks and perused the menu. They do everything from fish and chips, to burgers to sandwiches. Its a pretty varied menu and the selection is good for both meat eaters and veggies.

We went for the dirty king prawns with chorizo mayo and a hint of chilli from the small plates menu. These were fantastic. Piping hot, crisp and covered in this chorizo mayo. It was slightly spicy but not painfully so. There were 6 or 7 prawns in the bowl, perfect size for a starter. Kristian and I absolutely loved them. I also wish we had gone for the sticky chicken skewers with asian glaze as they sounded lovely.

I then went for the ‘Bean Dreaming’ sweet potato and bean burger, topped with houmous, salsa and avocado. I don’t tend to eat bean burgers often, however I would have this time and time again. It has an Indian flavouring to it with a hint of cumin, a slight heat and virtually half an avocado on top. I chose sweet potato fries to accompany it and they were delicious.  The flavours were fantastic, the portion nearly defeated me and it was beautifully presented.

My friend Kristian went for the skinny blackened chicken breast which was a ‘burger without the bun’. It was served with coleslaw, sweet potato fries and side salad. He thoroughly enjoyed the charred, slightly BBQ flavour of this and said he would come back to try more from the menu.

It’s a great spot for lunch in the city. It was fast leaving the kitchen, the service was speedy and always with a smile and the food was genuinely delicious. I was really impressed and my perception has totally changed. Both of us agree to head back pretty soon for more! 


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