Sherwood Manor – Carrington

I don’t hide the fact that I LOVE pub chains. Sherwood Manor, part of the Hungry Horse chain, serves HUGE meals at low prices, perfect for the day before payday when you can’t be bothered with cooking or washing up. 

Don’t expect the best food in the world, but do expect decent pub food, huge choice and great offers every day. Just don’t go on a day you need to count calories, I think there’s only 3 mains under 600 calories, and definitely no desserts. 

Whether it’s curry and a pint for £5 on Wednesday or Kids eat for £1 on Monday, there’s always a deal that means this pub meal won’t break the bank. 

Last night, Thursday, was:

You can choose from loads of Big Plate Specials, such as BBQ rib-Eye Sizzler 10 oz, all day breakfast, and, the most expensive item on that menu, the 20 oz megasauras at under £14!

I opted for the Jumbo Crispy Chicken £7.99

The menu described it as “a generous portion of our tastiest chicken, served with chips, onion rings, corn on the cob and peas.” I opted for chips shop curry sauce and no peas/corn. 

Ok so it looks a little… beige. However, the chicken was hot, crispy and moist. The onion rings were the usual pub type, slightly soggy and mildly onion-y. Just how I like them. The chips were piping hot and the curry sauce was amazing! Calling it chip shop curry is a bit underselling it I think, it’s more of a katsu. The only bad point on this was it came with a nice oily film on the top. A quick stir with my knife and it mixed together fine though.  

Mr Fix-it opted for the Gigantic Gammon £7.99

Described as “a generous plateful of three 5oz* gammon steaks topped with a free-range fried egg and a grilled pineapple ring. Served with chips, peas, half a grilled tomato and onion rings.”

They weren’t wrong. This was massive. The gammon was amazing (he let me have one in exchange for some chicken!) Nicely salty and less fat on it that I expected for an £8 meal. It came with pineapple and a very runny egg. Again the chips were good, peas were pleasant and the onion rings were onion-y! Mr Fix-it enjoyed it and there wasn’t much left on the plate at the end. 

As we had a free dessert, we thought it would be rude not to get stuck in, although we were both pretty full after the mains. 

I opted for the Sweetshop mania sundae. Bubblegum flavoured ice cream, strawberry sauce, a mix of sweetshop sweets, mini marshmallows and a packet of Fizz Wiz® popping candy

Mr Fix-it opted for Mint Madness Sundae. Vanilla flavoured ice cream, chocolate flavoured ice cream, crushed mint Aero Bubbles™, chocolate sauce and cream. 

In all honesty the desserts were underwhelming. The best bit about mine was the popping candy. The sweets were too chewy and the ice cream didn’t have much flavour. They should have been just under a fiver each, and I wouldn’t pay for them. They do some really tasty cakes but unfortunately the free dessert was only a sundae. 

Overall, the food was of a really good standard, especially for the size and price. I’ll keep going back for the food, but may choose a starter instead of a dessert if I come back on a Thursday again. 

The address is: Mansfield Rd, Nottingham, NG5 2FX

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