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Earlier this week I was very kindly invited to Bill’s Restaurant on Queen Street in Nottingham to try out their new menu. I have visited a couple of times for brunch (you can read my review HERE) but haven’t had dinner here yet. I’m not sure why Bill’s Nottingham slips my mind whenever I am debating where to go for dinner, but I just haven’t seemed to get round to visiting.

Bills restaurant Nottingham

As I said in my brunch post, I love the style of the restaurant. I think it’s undergone a bit of a facelift since I last visited, it’s more moody and romantic than I remember. I also love the chandelier above the large table by the window.

We arrived just after 6 and there were a couple of tables occupied but it wasn’t until we left at 7.30pm that there was more of an atmosphere. I think we just missed the crowd.

As we were seated, we were asked if we had any dietary requirements or allergies that the kitchen needed informing of, which I thought was a great start. I wondered if I was asked because I was there to write about my experience but I have asked a couple of non-blogger friends and they informed me that they have also been asked. I think it’s a nice touch and very needed with all the current news surrounding allergens.

Gin & tonic

After grabbing a G&T we settled in for a gossip and perused the menu. I was surprised at the amount of choice on the menu and genuinely had a hard time deciding what to order. From Risotto to Thai curry, oak smoked spiced ribs and delicious salad options, I struggled to pick.

Bills sharing platter

We settled for the Bill’s sharing platter. This dish consisted of devilled chicken skewers, calamari, olives, focaccia, avocado, houmous, purple basil and pinenut pesto, red pepper tapenade and mixed seeds. We also ordered the giant green gordal olives and the mini Cumberland sausages with honey and grain mustard. I think we chose the best starters on the menu, the Cumberland sausages were absolutely delicious with the sticky honey sauce, a definite favourite from me. The sharing platter was nice and fresh and I absolutely love the purple basil pesto (I doublechecked and it didn’t contain cheese, however I have just found the recipe and apparently it does! Thankfully it didn’t make me ill). I also love the fact that the avocado didn’t come out of a tub, it was definitely fresh. The soft focaccia topped with houmous and olives was amazing. A bloody delicious dish and I’m definitely going to go back and have the whole thing for myself!

Buttermilk chicken burger

For my main dish I opted for their buttermilk chicken burger. The Chipotle mayo was amazing really made the burger stand out for me. The chicken breast was crispy on the outside and so tender on the inside. It was an absolutely mammoth burger. I decided to top it with smoked streaky bacon and asked for it to be well cooked, unfortunately when it arrived it was a little bit lacking. I just removed it and carried on but would have loved the fat on the bacon to be cooked. It came with a huge pile of sweet potato fries and coleslaw on the side. I definitely overordered and only managed half of the burger but it was absolutely delicious.

Aimee ordered the rib eye steak, rare with fries and peppercorn salad. Again the portion was huge. Aimee thoroughly enjoyed her steak. I can’t comment on the taste as I was so consumed by my meal that I forgot to try hers but it looked perfectly cooked and the peppercorn sauce was lovely and thick.

After all that food, we had no room for dessert. However next time I will be going to try the chocolate and hazelnut praline sphere. It has salted caramel ice cream and a chocolate and hazelnut mousse with chocolate sauce and golden pearls. Definitely the one for me.

I was really impressed with the food at Bill’s Nottingham. I think it’s a bit of an undiscovered eatery within Nottingham. (I did at first say it was underrated, however I was swiftly corrected by someone on Twitter 😂). Also a shout out must go to both Jack and Simon who looked after us on Monday evening. Both lovely, friendly guys and very knowledgable of the menu. Thanks.

*I was asked to review the restaurant in exchange for my meal. I am under no obligation to write nice things about it. I genuinely really enjoyed my visit and look forward to heading there again… next time I’m going for the ribs!

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  1. Chipotle is cheese, isn’t it?

    1. willflirtforfood says:

      No, it’s a dried smoked pepper. It’s blooming delicious!

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