My Shanghai – North Shields 

I’m going to be in Newcastle pretty frequently over the next few months so I’m trying as many restaurants as possible. My friend Arran and I really fancied Chinese, specifically all-you-can-eat Chinese. A quick google bought up My Shanghai, a buffet style restaurant in North Shields.

We missed it the first time, it’s right on the Coast Road between Royal Quays Outlet Centre and Tynemouth.

We arrived at 7pm, the start of the ‘grand buffet’. You can stay until 10.30pm and for £11.50 you can stuff yourself silly with all sorts of oriental delights.

I started, as is tradition, with crispy aromatic duck pancakes. The steamer was piled high with pancakes, the duck tray was full to the brim and spring onion and cucumber was plentiful. The amount of buffets I have been to that have really scrimped on duck. This was a revelation! They also offered shredded chicken as an alternative.

Then on to mains. There were 3 noodle options (including plain egg and Singapore style) along with veg fried and egg fried rice. I opted for crab claws, seaweed, lemon chicken, satay chicken, oyster mushrooms, beef in black bean and prawn crackers. All was really good. The only thing I wasn’t keen on was the crab claws as they were a little rubbery. The rest was perfect. It tasted really fresh and the lemon chicken was a particular highlight. I did nearly put custard on my chicken instead of lemon sauce (why is there a crumble right next to the chicken. I was incredibly confused!)

The  choice was limited in the dessert section. However, the ones on offer were brilliant! Creme brûlée, tiramisu and jelly! The only thing missing to make this a 10/10 was ice cream!

It was a brilliant restaurant, really good value for money and the food was tasty and hot. I’ll definitely be back the next time I fancy Chinese!

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