PizzaStorm – Newcastle

Situated in the Intu Eldon Square, PizzaStorm is the next generation of restaurants for pizza lovers. With over 50 toppings to choose from, from the standard pepperoni and pineapple, to the more adventurous artichoke hearts and butternut squash, there really is something for everyone. There are 7 cheeses, 16 veggies, 11 meats, two fish options and an egg! There are unlimited combinations of toppings and they don’t look at you funny when you ask for extra meat! You could have all 50+ toppings if you wanted… although it may be a mountain!

I love the option for ‘craft your own’. I am a dairy free blogger and this makes it so simple. When I asked for no cheese, they didn’t give me a funny look, immediately bypassed all the cheesy toppings and changed their gloves without me asking…RESULT!

Along with the ‘craft your own’ option for pizza, they also have a menu of ‘PizzaStorm originals’ that are guaranteed to get your mouth watering! The ‘this little piggy had a bbq’ is my favourite – minus the cheese of course!

Cooked perfectly in 180 seconds, it’s the perfect option for a quick lunch or a pre theatre bite to eat.

The standard size 11″ pizza is only £8.45 and they have a new offering perfect for lunchtime; a 6″ pizza and a drink for only £4.95. 

They have also introduced ‘craft your own’ salad at £4.95 for a small (plenty big enough in my opinion) or £6.95 for the large.

It’s fantastic value for money, the ingredients taste incredibly fresh and it’s fun to be able to create anything you want in 3 minutes 

They have big expansion plans as well as restaurants in Wandsworth and Inferno in Nottingham, due to be rebranded to PizzaStorm later this year. Check out my reviews of Inferno HERE (pizza) and HERE (salad)

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