St Sushi – Newcastle

Earlier this week, I was in Newcastle again with one of my bosses. I love to eat out but sometimes I am so tired after being at work that I opt to stay in my hotel room with a Deliveroo (usually Yo Sushi)

However, on Wednesday, the sun was out and we both fancied a walk around the local area. A quick chat about the food we fancied, and a quick google map search showed that we were only a 10 minute walk from St Sushi.

They have been established over 10 years, and are described on their website as ‘ Newcastle’s most popular location for sushi and Japanese food’.

The restaurant is located at 89-93 Westgate Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 4AE. I am not massively au fait with the geography Newcastle but judging by our walk it is right in the centre.

Serving everything from bento boxes, curry dishes, standard japanese mains and ‘signature sushi’ it really is a great find. It was easy to see why they describe it as the most popular Japanese in Newcastle. We arrived just after 6pm and the place was already really busy, with booths and tables already well occupied.

It is traditionally decorated and the atmosphere was great from the moment we arrived.

We were seated immediately (warning, the tables are very close together) and ordered a beer each as we perused the menu.

My boss and I have been to a couple of sushi restaurants now, and although he isn’t well versed in the cuisine, he is happy to jump right in and try everything, which I love!

He opted for the chicken teriyaki; noodles topped with grilled chicken, traditional teriyaki sauce and seasonal greens. The portion was huge and came with a mountain of rice.

Meanwhile I ordered a range of smaller dishes for us both to try.

Here they are one by one:

First out was the honey sweet potato. If you have ever had sweet potato crisps you’ll know the flavour. They were deep fried, crisp and really sweet with the added honey. They were lovely, if a little sweet as part of a main for me. I would love these with ice cream, or to have as a snack (I am going to attempt to recreate these at home at some point)

The salmon sashimi was amazing. The salmon was so fresh and melted like butter. Huge thick slabs of salmon!

The seabass nigiri was amazing. The rice was a beautiful consistency and again the seabass was incredibly fresh.

I love ikura gunkan, and these fish eggs were an incredibly bright orange, and much larger in size that I have ever seen. I love the sensation of the eggs popping in my mouth and the slightly salty taste was gorgeous. I also found out that the word ‘gunkan’ translates into English as ‘battleship’ and you can see why from the shape.

The crunchy prawn avocado is another favourite of mine (always on my order at Yo) and this was splendid. The tail of the prawn rose from the seaweed majestically and was crispy and so very tasty.

The soft shell crab is one I haven’t tried before, and although pleasant I don’t think it is my cup of tea. I’m not entirely sure I appreciate the texture, however the taste was lovely.

We then tried tako sashimi, or octopus. It tasted delicious, however was a little too chewy for me. The hint of lemon was a lovely addition though and something I haven’t had previously.

Crabstick maki was another great one. The seaweed was really edible on all the sushi, not overly chewy as it can be sometimes.

Lastly was the negima yakitori, chicken skewers in yakitori sauce. Thoroughly delicious and perfectly cooked, this completed our main courses!

We then had to have the dorayaki for dessert (we shared as we were full). This pancake, sandwiched with a sweet red bean paste was lovely. I am used to the Yo Sushi one so was quite surprised that this one was chocolate. The consistency was great and I wish they were bigger (but then i wouldn’t stop eating them!)

The service was amazing and the staff were lovely and so helpful in explaining the dishes we hadn’t heard of. They were even lovely when I knocked over my whole tray of soy sauce like an idiot. The presentation was beautiful too. I really do eat with my eyes and it was a genuine joy to eat here. 

I will definitely be returning for more, and to be a little more experimental with some of their signature dishes next time.

For just under £60, it was fantastic value, especially when you consider that we had two beers each.

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