PizzaStorm – Nottingham

As some of you may know, Inferno Pizza has now re-branded to PizzaStorm. The speedy pizza restaurant has had a complete re-brand and looks amazing. Changes have been made to both the design of the restaurant and the menu and it seems that it is mostly for the better.

With 44 toppings to choose from, from the standard pepperoni and pineapple, to the more adventurous baked beans and butternut squash, there really is something for everyone. (Although they have removed the pulled pork from the menu and I am genuinely gutted about that!! Please bring back the pork!). There are 5 sauces, 6 cheeses including a vegan one, 14 veggies, 9 meats, two fish options and an egg! There are unlimited combinations of toppings and they don’t look at you funny when you ask for extra meat! You could have all 44 toppings if you wanted… although it may be a mountain!

They have a range of ‘signatures’ including the standard ‘classic pepperoni’ and the more adventurous ‘all day breakfast’ for only £6 and the craft your own are only £7.25! Compared to other pizza restaurants it’s very well priced and also it is super quick. As before you line up Subway sandwich style, pick your toppings and pay. However what has now changed for the better is that they bring your pizza to you. As someone half deaf it helps that I don’t have to loiter!

The restaurant now has soft comfy chairs and booths instead of the harder chairs, meaning it is more comfortable to sit and catch up with mates. I no longer get a numb bum after a few minutes. The decor has changed to incorporate hints of yellow metal and blue tiling making it brighter and cooler than before. There are now condiment tables placed around too meaning you don’t have to ask staff to get you chilli flakes or cracked black pepper.

As it is December, a new ‘Christmas Pizza’ is on the menu. Featuring turkey, roasted sprouts, bacon, sage and onion stuffing and cranberry sauce it sounds… interesting.

Instead I opted to incorporate stuffing on my usual pizza. Pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms, peppers, olives and chicken. They have changed the extra thin pizza bases to a new sourdough base. To be honest I am not entirely sure how I feel about this. The reason is that for the first time ever I couldn’t finish my pizza. I like the thin base because it was easier to consume a whole pizza without feeling guilty. Don’t get me wrong, it was great sourdough but personally I prefer the thinner base. Again when I mentioned I am dairy free, the staff quickly bypassed the cheese and changed their gloves, this doesn’t happen everywhere so whenever it does I silently cheer!

My mate loaded his pizza up with chicken, ham, mushrooms, red jalapenos, sweetcorn, onion and cheese. It was covered, PizzaStorm certainly don’t scrimp on the toppings.

We were also given their regular mac and cheese and bacon mac and cheese to try. I left this to my mate as cheese = illness. However he loved it and took the remainder home to make mac and cheese balls. You can find Sacred Cow UK via Instagram HERE. The pics make me drool!

One slight sad part… We were given their Nutella calzone as we left. On the menu it just calls it a Nutella calzone. So I assumed it would be lashings of Nutella in folded sourdough. This was correct, however they didn’t inform me that it would also contain some sort of cheese (mascarpone maybe? Sorry I am not a cheese connoisseur). I didn’t notice until I had taken a bite. I was gutted. Next time I will order it sans cheese. The guys at work loved it though.

In conclusion, the decor changes make it a much more pleasant environment to sit. I am not keen on the sourdough base but that is because I like to feel as though I have conquered a meal and I am gutted that pulled pork is off the menu. However for £7.25 for a large pizza with unlimited toppings I will certainly be back time and time again. Staff as always were blooming lovely and the way the handle a ‘no cheese’ pizza is probably the best I have seen

Thank you to the guys at PizzaStorm for inviting me down. As always my views are my own and I am under no obligation to give a good review xx

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