The Cods Scallops – Sherwood

Mmm, Fish & Chips. Quintesentially British.
I have such fond memories of these. Summer holidays spent eating them in Wells next the sea in Norfolk as a child. ‘Town leave’ from high school, meeting mum at Sheddie Turners in Spalding for chips and curry sauce, Friday fish and chips with the parents.

I have lived round the corner from The Cods Scallops Sherwood branch for a couple of months and desperately wanted to try it. However it took until Tuesday, after a lovely walk with my housemate, exploring Sherwood in the late afternoon sun for us to pop in.

The Cods Scallops is extremely well known around Nottingham, and is often hailed as the best of the best. What better reason, as a fish lover, to try it!

The front of the building on Mansfield Road is so cute. The flooring is covered in AstroTurf, with deck chairs all in a row. It’s very inviting, and a lovely use of the space.

The inside is extremely clean and very light and airy with a huge serving counter for the take away punters.

The restaurant area is large, however even at 7pm on a Tuesday there wasn’t much space! We grabbed the last two seater table and perished the huge menu. The red, white and blue seating gave an air of the seaside and the framed postcards around the walls had me laughing aloud.

We both ordered the cod and chips, mine with gravy and Eleanor’s with mushy peas. You could have the fish of your choice either battered, or if you wanted a healthier option, baked with lemon and herb. Along with cod or haddock, a variety of seafood was available including sea bass, monkfish and sea bream.

The wait was about 25 minutes due to how busy the restaurant was, but oh my goodness it was worth it!

The fish was huge! The batter was incredibly crispy with no soggy bits, tasting incredibly fresh. The chips were piping hot and the gravy was thick and incredibly meaty. Eleanor loved her mushy peas and also had a lot of enthusiasm for the tarter sauce.

This has got to be one of the best fish and chip restaurants I’ve visited in Nottingham. The staff are lovely and friendly, the atmosphere was calm and relaxed despite how busy the place was and the food was amazing. Definitely worth a visit!!

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  1. This is my favourite fish and chips in Nottingham by far! The cod and the sardines are amazing!

    Their only defect is the beer… Last time I tried, they served from the shelf, too warm even for British standard.
    But no biggy, I am certainly returning as soon as possible 🙂

    1. willflirtforfood says:

      I’ll admit I didn’t go for a beer. I went to the old fish and chip classic of dandelion and burdock. Can’t go to the chippy and not have it. Maybe you should go for that next time, it was great!

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