Tuk Tuk – Nottingham

I need to start this post by saying that the food was really, really nice. There is a reason for this!

Tuk Tuk is situated on Friar Gate, Maid Marian Way, on the site that Chutney used to stand on.

Still run by the same people, it's had a huge facelift (no more dingy booths or Movenpick banners in sight) and a slight change in menu, tapping into the very current 'street food' trend.
Now, I have never been to India so I can't say that it ticks the boxes of traditional street food (no chikki, momos or Kati roll on the menu) but it wasn't immediately my understanding of it.
I reviewed the former Chutney here last year, and food wise I do think it has got even better.

So, we were first given the standard menu, however there is a '3 courses for £14.95' flyer on the outside of the building which we were interested in. When we enquiried, this menu was also bought out. However I think it may be a case of 'if you don't ask, you don't get'.

The menu is a pretty decent size. We actually shared one of these meals, and added samosas, naan and another curry for the both of us. The additional dishes were also 50% off, meaning that it is stupidly good value. When ordering, we asked for a keema naan and egg fried rice. We were then informed that it was actually naan OR rice with this set meal. Hugely misleading, but when we repeatedly questioned it we were allowed both. Although, we had to have plain naan and pilau rice.

Here is my long suffering friend Rob, eagerly anticipating the food.

First up, a popadom each and the pickle tray. Everything was great.

Then came the starter of onion bhaji, chicken tikka and Bombay potatoes. Hmm, seems like something is missing. So, up I pop to the waitress and inform her that we seem to be missing the tandoori lamb. She disappears to find out what has gone wrong, and a young guy approaches up. He then tells us that the starter is either lamb OR chicken, and lamb is offered when you don't fancy chicken. Again, this was incredibly annoying as the menu clearly stated that it comes with all 4, and at no point during ordering were we told that it was an either or situation. I then suggested that they either provide diners with exactly what was advertised, or maybe change the menu to stipulate this, so other diners wouldn't be disheartened.

Next up, samosas. Now, it's my understanding that samosas are fried or baked pillows formed from pastry, and the filling is usually spiced veg. This was definitely not pastry. At first I assumed it was chapati but on first bite it was obviously tortilla. Really bizarre. It's advertised as a samosa, but was more of a vegetarian wrap. Please someone let me know if I'm wrong here, but that's not a samosa. It was really tasty, spicy with a generous kick of chilli, but I really fancied a pastry pillow of loveliness!

I chose the peshwari pasanda (basically the same as the Chutneys Persian pasanda) and it was lovely. Coconut and honey flavoured sauce with huge chunks of chicken.

Rob opted for the

Weirdly, along with our mains came the lamb from the starter. Apparently the wires got crossed and it SHOULD have arrived with the rest of it. That too was tasty, the lamb was really tender and it had a strong kick to it, but not unbearable.

The naans were light and fluffy, mine was smothered in garlic, exactly how I love it. The rice was fragrant and just as you would expect.

When it came to paying, there was yet another mix up. The bill came to £34 (£119.90 for additional food with drinks at 50% off) and the set meal. However when I presented my card, the waitress added it up to £44 and attempted to charge me that. It was only when I corrected her and showed the amount on my phone calculator, that the correct amount was billed. Yet again a bit of an annoyance. I'm glad I mentally added it up first otherwise I would have been overcharged by 25%

In summary, there are some serious issues with the staff and kitchen not knowing the menu, and this really needs to be changed quickly. If I hadn't pushed regarding the issues, we would have been really disappointed in the fact that the menu didn't actually reflect what we expected at first. That said, the food really is gorgeous (if not exactly street food) and it's inexpensive enough that you should pop along and try it for yourself.

They do a 50% off all good card, make sure you grab one!

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